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August 24, 2010

Inspire Confidence

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ImCrew Does it Inspire Confidence

You sexy lady..!

By David Odewale

I don’t know about you but have you seen those ads and banners from Imcrew? They say that you can get $10 just for registering and $2 for referring someone. I get ads and banners talking about this new website as it is sweeping through the internet marketing town.

Well, I though I have a look and before I could say ‘Jack Robinson‘ have registered straight away. Then I looked at it with a logical eye and found a few things I should have questioned before I registered.

Yes I signed first before looking – I broke my golden rule not to sign anything until I do a proper due diligence. Anyway, the attraction of free $10 for registering was too much a resistance – money for signing up? Count me in.

After signing up I logged onto the sight and found at least 3 things which raises my suspicion

1. There is an absence of company details. Who owns it? Where is it based? No telephone number to contact. Not much – in fact no information of the company is present. If it is not owned by a company, the owner name is absent. This does not inspire confidence and in facts raises questions as easily they appear they can easy disappear

2. There is an email address one can contact for any more information – but it is a Gmail address. Nothing wrong with using a free email address but I figured that if this website is to give up to $12 per person registering. That is $10 and $2 to the person referring, then for 100,000 people (this is my estimate is possible because of the free sign ups) that is $1. 2M in pay out alone. I am surprised that they could not have an email ending with @imcrew. com.

3. Also the site they are using is a Word Press site again free website. Nothing wrong with Word Press – in fact I use it as well. Word Press is very good. Nevertheless, a free blog website for a company that wants to be taken seriously does not inspire confidence in believing what they say is true.

I hope that my fears are unfounded and that this website is true as I am writing this email and they can payout what they promised, nevertheless, I do have my doubts because of the reasons stated above.

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