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August 6, 2010

Fight Back Now

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Big Business Has Created Your Food Addiction – Fight Back Now!

Much food, then the disease will come soon

By Steve Kiges

Why are so many people struggling with food addictions? Did evolution somehow turn 60% of the population into Oreo and Twinkie addicts? Maybe aliens spiked our water supply so we can no longer get off the couch?

Well, even though it seems like “it just happened”, I believe there is a reason: a shift of eating habits that was introduced into society over the years. It was so subtle and so slowly introduced that we either don’t even remember or are too young to remember what life was like before. What we eat now is considered “normal” and the old, more balanced natural diet of our grandparents or great grandparents has been forgotten.

The best explanation of this shift was mentioned on a Food Channel show called “The Supersizers Go”. If you have not seen the show it features two comedic actors from the UK that dress up in period costumes and then go through time living and eating like they did in a particular period. The episode I watched last week was called “The Fifties” and was particularly interesting. Food rationing which had been in place from World War II was just ending and new foods were starting to come on the market.

For some perspective during the height of rationing typical weekly food allowances for one person were:

2 oz bacon
7 oz butter or margarine
1.5 lbs of meat
2 oz cooking fats
8 oz sugar
4 oz chocolates & sweets
1 egg
3 pints milk
4 oz jam

At times bread, potatoes, rice, canned fruit, condensed milk, and cereals were rationed.

Because of these limits it was estimated that the US had 20 million Victory Gardens in 1945 and close to 65 million by 1950. These were family or community gardens that were cultivated to provide food that was simply not available. Governments also provided training sessions to teach women to shop wisely, conserve food, can food items and plan nutritious meals. The homemaker learned to plan family meals within the set limits. The government persuaded people to give up large amounts of red meats, sugar and fats.

However, understand even before the war and the implementation of rationing, most food that people ate came in natural unprocessed forms. If you look at images of typical grocery stores of the 50’s (remember the Andy Griffith Show?), they were tiny compared to our mega stores of today. And the reason why? Because little of the packaged, processed food that we have today had even been invented! Most food that people ate was real, unadulterated unprocessed food. If you wanted to binge eat, you could have carrots, celery or green beans!

Kelloggs came out with Frosties (Sugar Frosted Flakes) in 1951, followed by C.W. Post’s Sugar Pops and Sugar Smacks in 1953 (both contain 56% sugar).

Kraft was also busy in the kitchen inventing “Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft Dinner)” with Pillsbury and General Mills introducing instant cake mixes. How easy it was all becoming. While industry and business was booming in all sectors it certainly had a similar impact on the food industry.

What’s so interesting is now we are so conditioned that normal is not a few types of crackers, but an isle of 75 different brands, shapes and flavours of crackers! Our kids look at unsweetened cereals with noses turned up in disgust. Where are my Fruit Loops, Coco Puffs and Captain Crunch!

So, what can we do about this? Well first of all, understand the real problem with the onslaught of prepared packaged food is that it is high in calories, low in nutritional value with a bottom line that it does not satisfy your hunger. Much of it is actually invented by chemists in white coats with the purpose to promote overeating and binge food ” Bet You Can’t Just Eat One”!

People who know me and my success in keeping off 170 lbs of fat for the past 6 years, know that I believe in small steps. The common diet paradigm of sticking to a highly restricted diet for months/years etc. is a proven failure that has depressed spirits and created a surge of food addiction for the majority people who want to lose weight.

What works are small, incremental healthy choices. Small daily changes that make you stand up, feel proud and accomplished saying, “YES! I did it!”

For example, what meal can you plan right now that uses no or little processed refined carbohydrates? As a matter of fact, I challenge you to take a small step now and plan for one meal for tomorrow consisting of fresh vegetables, protein and a small amount of fat. Notice I am not saying 3 oz of this or ½ cup of this. If you want to eat a large amount do so, just stick to fresh vegetables, protein and a little fat.

What we want is one healthy, nutritious, flavour-filled satisfying meal! Believe me if you do this you will lose and maintain weight loss. I lost 170lbs following this simple advice.

That’s my challenge to you. Please let me know how you do and I would love to hear about the small step you have taken!

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