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August 27, 2010

Automatic Incline Treadmills

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Why Choose Automatic Incline Treadmills

I do sports, so my body to be slim

By George Knight

Most modern treadmills often come with an incline feature. This feature is almost a necessity for most treadmill users and it is important to know what is best suited for your needs, whether it is automatic or manual incline.

Manual incline must be adjusted, as the name states, in a manual fashion, which simply means that it requires you to physically pull out a pin or do something similar to change the gradient of the machine. The main disadvantage of this feature is that you cannot adjust gradient mid-workout and you will have to dismount and turn off the machine before adjusting incline. In addition manual incline limits the degrees of gradient a machine can have as well not being able to inform the user as to the exact degree of incline they are running on, apart from 0%.

However manual incline is still popular amongst many people who seek steady workouts without making changes to gradient or other variables, whilst also providing them with the option of slightly changing their incline if need be. Manual incline tends to be on cheaper treadmills as it is cheaper manufacturer, proving it to be a great option for bargain hunters.

Automatic incline is a much more versatile and flexible option compared to its manual counterpart. This form of incline allows you to change the slope of your running platform at the press of a button during your workout whilst you are still moving. Features such as predefined and user defined programs are made possible with automatic incline as the treadmill can automatically adjust slope to simulate hills and varying terrain. When compared to manual incline treadmills, automatic incline treadmills will be more expensive, heavier and larger machines.

You can never go wrong with automatic incline at it is suitable to almost everyone. The flexibility it provides to exercisers by far outweighs the difference in why between the two forms of incline. The exact level of incline is often shown on the display of treadmills with automatic incline so they can much more accurately calculate the amount of calories you have lost in the workout. Also these treadmills ill allow you to tweak incline by amounts as small as half degree and increase to incline to levels greater than 15 degrees. For more information, please go to

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