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August 20, 2010

Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat – 3 Fat Burning Myths Dispelled

So beautiful my body, make men drool

By Billy Deakin

Excess body fat, or abdominal fat, especially around the belly can be a significant health risk. As a factor associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers, many people are keen to lose their “beer belly” for both health and aesthetic reasons. The problem is, there are so many myths and untruths about body fat that it can be hard to know how to what the best course of action is. Let’s dispel those myths, and show how you can start seeing those pounds drop off…

Myth #1 Sit-ups and crunches will burn my belly fat

Think that doing 200 crunches a day will burn away your “spare tyre”? Think again! While any exercise is better than none, what you really want is aerobic exercise, like jogging, swimming or cycling, to burn fat. Crunches are typically anaerobic, and they will certainly tone up the muscles in your abdomen – but they won’t do much to reduce body fat.

Myth #2 Genes/hormones are responsible for my body fat, so there’s nothing I can do

Like many myths there is some truth here. Specifically, how and where your body stores fat is largely controlled my your genetics and your hormones. That’s where the truth ends however, because you CAN do something about it!

You may well be prone to your body fat being mostly on your belly, but if you’re exercising and eating properly, your body will be storing less fat. So it doesn’t matter WHERE that fat is being stored, there will be less of it in total, so there will be less on your belly!

Myth #3 I need to count calories to lose weight

Again, there is some truth here, but there’s a lot of untruth too! While anyone taking in way more calories than they use is going to have excess fat, the fact is that all calories are not equal. The problem with being overly restrictive on your calorific intake is that you’ll be hungry, and then more prone to snacking. The key is to learn what types of food are likely to put weight on, and what foods (such as monounsaturated fats for example) can actually aid in burning fat!

So as you can see, the key to helping you loose body fat is in learning a little about how your body works, how it processes food, and what types of food to avoid (and it’s not just as simple as eating salads and avoiding burgers!).

The key to losing body fat, and keeping that weight off is in regular exercise, but coupled with a few very small but very important changes to your diet. You don’t need to “diet” as such, and massively restrict the amount you eat, just carefully balance the foods you are eating to ensure that your body metabolizes them properly, and doesn’t store excess fat around your body.

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