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August 7, 2010

Dolphin Tattoos

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Dolphin Tattoos That Are As Unique As You

Fun images on your back..!

By Andrew V. Simon

Women have been getting dolphin tattoos for as long as women have been getting tattoos! I wonder what the attraction is with this aquatic creature is, that so many females feel the need to have dolphin tattoos anywhere you can think of on their bodies? Perhaps this is one of the more popular female choices as you certainly don’t see many males with dolphins. But what style of dolphin tattoos are available?

If you take a look at any tattoo studio, it’s fair to say that they would have a good range of styles and depiction of dolphins in action. If dolphin designs are what you are seeking, then taking a broader look at what can be achieved as art on your body, can make this already popular choice unique to you alone.

One way to take dolphin designs a little further is to color them and detail them heavily. Ensure that you choose a tattoo artist that has examples they can show you of similar sorts of designs and creations. You don’t have to stick with just a static picture of a dolphin for your choice in body art.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to these designs can make your design pop. What about incorporating it with other designs and backgrounds, give it a greater depth of color maybe? Some lettering and wording can also make your design unique to you.

Choosing dolphin tattoos can sound like a simple task when you decide that is what you want. But when you take a deeper look at the choices that you can make regarding the uniqueness of your design, the only limit is your imagination. Dolphin tattoos don’t need to be cliched and predictable, mix your design up a little and add something that says more about who you are and why you have chosen this popular symbol.

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