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August 23, 2010

Patent Docketing Software

Patent Docketing Software – Preparing For IT Drill

Preparing For IT Drill

By Jerry Lamigo

Intellectual Asset Management Software (often known as Patent Docketing Software) has the potential to transform the way patent departments relate to and even think about their role as providers of IP support services to the rest of the enterprise. The emergence of web based patent docketing software creates an opportunity for IP departments to change their focus from docket data entry to enterprise wide intellectual property asset management. A successful service-centric IP department, in turn, directly produces more value for the business by leveraging knowledge from both internal clients and external service providers and align closely with business goals.

Selecting the right patent docketing software can be a challenge. This post provides some tips on getting acceptance from your IT department. For some patent departments, this can be overwhelming. The reason is not often not the budget, but the strenuous process of getting a new software. Lack of time and knowledge about the software only exacerbate the situation and many departments give up. Here are some points for you to prepare yourself when you bring IT department into the discussion.

Data Security

Patent data requires high level of security. Your IT department is likely to raise this as a concern, even more when your vendor is hosted your data outside your firewall. You should ensure that the potential patent docketing software vendor has measures in place to meet the standards.

Migration Plan

Your IT department would be concerned about the data migration plan. They would want to know if the data contained inside the patent docketing software application can be exported and moved into another one. How easy would that process be? You can check with prospective patent docketing software provider about any data-migration strategies and procedures it uses, including any provisions for data and code escrow.


Your IT department is likely to be interested in the service-level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee the level of performance, availability, and security that the patent docketing software will provide, and govern the actions the provider will take-or the compensation it will provide-in the event that it fails to meet these guarantees. You should check with your prosective vendors about these types of SLAs.


To maximize the benefits from patent management software, you may want to have an integration in place to activate new users and deactivate terminated employees automatically without any user intervention. This and other scenarios require integration between your patent management software and other corporate IT systems. Please ensure from your prospective vendor about the integration capabilities of their patent docketing software.

Lecorpio has an excellent track record of successful patent docketing software project implementations. Lecorpio’s professional services use a powerful combination of strategic insight and superior execution to optimize the cost and efficiency of our client’s IP operations. Feel free to contact us if you need more information on best practices for Intellectual asset management project implementation.

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