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August 11, 2010

Animal Alarm Clocks

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Animal Alarm Clocks – A Wonderful Item to Gift

Let’s … wake up, time to go to work ..!

By Lewis Baker

We as human beings marvel at the diversity of life present around us on this planet and wonder about the creator of the wonderful species all around us. It is natural then for us to enjoy the company of animals we lovingly call as pets. Yes, from dogs to cats to squirrels to rabbits, all can become an integral part of our family. The idea of animal alarm clocks emanates from this very love and belonging that we have for our pets.

Animal shaped clocks make for a wonderful gift item for people in all walks of life. After all it is a useful item as it will remind one to wake up at the right time in a nice and funny way. You can start your day with a smile once you hear the ring. You will be surprised at the varieties of animal clocks available in the market nowadays. They are easily customizable and available in different designs with different sounds and features.

Categorized by the animal sound produced by them, these clocks especially cat clocks are extremely popular among children. Their unique sounds and messages grab instant attention and many people customize their own messages into these clocks. It could even be a song or a mantra or a limerick. A butterfly clock is also popular as it can be obtained in a creative and lovely design and can add to the beauty of the surroundings.

Here are some suggestions for some of the clocks which can be gifted.

  • Beaks Animated Talking Parrot Clock – It gives funny messages like “Walk up or you will be shark bait” and its versions are based on themes related to the sea.
  • Talking Pink Cat Clock – An interesting cat clock which tells you “Milk time, be dear and go get me some”. Now you do have a moral responsibility to feed that hungry cat, don’t you?
  • Kimba Animated Talking Chimpanzee Clock – Kimba, the chimpanzee has the task of waking you up. The message is loud and stern, simply “Get up”. You cannot but feel obliged to obey this order.

Most animal clocks provide for witty messages and this is what appeals to people who would rather not want to have a lame alarm bell waking them up. They would rather start their day afresh with a nice little, poking message that will instantly lighten your mood and prepare you for the chores. After all you want laziness to vanish and it will.

There is no dearth of human ideas in making an animal clock as fascinating and as appealing as it can possibly be. The foremost idea is to keep the messages tacky and witty and to generate a feeling of spirit and enthusiasm in the human minds which has just finished a good night of sleep and is ready to face the world in the light of the day.

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