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August 25, 2010

Compact Wireless Keyboard

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Compact Wireless Keyboard Overview

Compact Wireless Keyboard

By Kyle Locke

A compact wireless keyboard is the perfect addition to a media PC or a home theater PC (HTPC). Why? To truly enjoy all of the features on these media PCs or to gain freedom from your desktop computer you want a device that allows you to do so comfortably, easily and conveniently.

Considered by many as the ultimate solution or substitute for wired computer devices, wireless keyboards give you the ability to use your computer without being attached or wired.

Generally smaller than standard size keyboards that have either 101 or 104 keys, compact keyboards usually eliminate the 10-key numeric pad and other keys to save space.

Technically speaking, these keyboards use batteries and either a USB or Bluetooth receiver that communicates with your computer.

Here are some tips to consider before you buy.

1. Focus on comfort and ergonomic keyboards. All keyboards should be comfortable to type on, fit your hands and not be too big or small for your needs. In other words, look for a comfortable keyboard design.

2. Read customer reviews to help you evaluate what brands are reliable and which keyboard is easiest to use and set up. Also the operating range is another key feature to keep in mind.

3. Pay close attention to information about ease or difficulty typing as keys are usually smaller in size than standard size keyboards.

4. Evaluate the list of customizable features and placement of the media controls. Also, note whether the keyboard is truly a plug and play device.

5. Consider durability, price and for Mac users, whether the keyboard is Mac compatible.

6. Ask yourself do you also need or want a wireless mouse. Many wireless keyboards have a mouse, track pad or track ball feature integrated into the keyboard. Some manufacturers combine the two devices into a package, so make sure that you only buy what you need or want.

Overall, pairing a compact wireless keyboard with a media PC or HTPC is a winning idea. You gain flexibility and freedom to relax and lounge or operate the computer from within a long range distance.

So free yourself from your desktop or take complete control over your PC entertainment system and try a compact wireless keyboard.

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