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August 31, 2010

Phone Numbers Information

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Finding Unlisted Phone Numbers Information is Now Easy!

Why I never call my husband..?

By Alexandro Alphonso

If you have been looking for how to get information on unlisted phone numbers then you will know that it is a relatively hard task to do especially if you don’t know how to go about it. The reason why it is hard to get any sort of information on unlisted numbers is that there are some privacy laws that prevent unlisted numbers information from being easily accessible to the public. That is not saying that you can’t get it if you want to, but it is not kept easily in directories like the landlines. Finding unlisted information is a lot easier now thanks to the internet and some brilliant guys that have been able to reach a compromise with the phone industries. All you need to do is to pay for the information and you will have it, listed number or not.

The reason why you have to pay is that the unlisted phone numbers information is highly classified and thus it can’t be gotten free. If it was easily gotten free of charge, then scam artists and telemarketers will make our lives a living hell! The things that can be gotten from finding unlisted phone numbers information includes: Name of the number owner, address of the person, employment history, criminal records etc. In fact the results will give you information that equals to running a background check on the person!

The payment part is something that scares people away but in truth it shouldn’t. if you have faced threat calls or prank calls too often, you will know that $14 for a single search or $39 for a whole years access is nothing compared to your security. Not only are the providers trying to keep away persons that don’t actually need it with the fee, they also need the cash to keep maintaining the database that they are running.

So you can see finding unlisted phone numbers information is not as hard as it seems. Only make sure you are signing up with a good service.

August 30, 2010

Getting Your Money’s Worth

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Getting Your Money’s Worth When Thinking of College

Thrifty rich base

By Claudine Vainrub

South Oregon’s Mail Tribune publishes an article “Will that college degree pay off in the long run?” and makes us reflect on the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics. These state, among other things, that a college education might not necessarily be the ticket to the American Dream. Statistics report that “seven of the 10 employment sectors that will see the largest gains over the next decade won’t require much more than some on-the-job training.”

It is also of great concern the fact that only 25% of all college graduates this year had a job waiting for them upon graduation, and this statistic actually improved from the 20% of last year. However, no one questions that a college education is valuable, and this is shown by the unemployment rate of this population sector being half (4.7%) of what it is for workers that only hold a high school diploma. Also to note is the “Federal statistics for 2008 show that men 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree pulled down a median salary of $65,800. That compares with a median of $39,010 for men in the same age group with only a high school diploma”, from The Mail Tribune. These are only two statistics that directly show that college is a good investment if pursued with a sense of purpose.

These sense of purpose makes evident to us the fact that there are strategies to follow when wanting to get the most bang for your buck, when investing in a college education. This is where an Educational Consultant can be of great assistance to you and your family. An Educational Consultant can help students find careers have the right fit with the student while also being on demand in the labor market.

What are we to expect when seeking help from an educational consultant? How do we choose a consultant who will do the job right? What is a job well done in educational consulting?

Here are some observations and information you should have handy when choosing someone to work with you or your family (son / daughter) in college admissions:

1- Seek a professional with at least some experience in the admissions field. Someone who has worked as interviewer or within an admissions office, can provide an insiderĀ“s perspective on how admissions work. Also, this professional will probably have passion for the field, having demonstrated work experience in it, working with students and in academia.

2- Find someone who is familiar in working with students and/or teenagers. A professional who has worked in education in the past, or who has gained experience with teenagers will be able to connect with college and grad school applicants better than someone used never before worked with this group. Often times, you will find professionals who have worked with students in diverse environments, as counselors in non-profit organizations or summer camps, as mentors, or even in the corporate world with companies that cater to that specific target. Usually, professionals that have worked with students/teenagers before becoming a counselor have a passion for relating to teenagers, and especially for this reason, become successful when seeking to relate to students. They are able to connect better, and enhance chances of getting things done with students.

3- Seek for Certified Educational Consultants. To the surprise of many, certifications do exist in College Admissions! Independent Counselors can and should get certified. At present, there are three certificate programs available, one of which is provided by UCLA and called The College Counseling Certificate Program. This extensive online program not only demands hard work (it usually takes over a year to complete), but it consists in seven classes, the last one being a practical course to be conducted in the college counseling office of a high school. Same goes for the College Counseling certificate program offered by UC Berkeley, and the CEP – Certified Educational Planner, for which you can only apply after earning years of expertise in the field. Independent consultants can and should get certified. Ensure the person you are seeking advice from is.

4- Look for a professional with degrees that are conductive to the work they are currently doing. Having earned a master in education or in counseling is very valuable in the counseling profession. Several graduate school programs allow for more expertise in the field. Even an MBA can work when considering the expertise of a college adviser, however, not on its own. An MBA plus experience in the field and a certification can provide a great combination of skills, allowing the professional to have a background in marketing, easily applicable to candidates, plus keen interest in education.

5- Find a counselor who has sought membership to leading industry associations. There are several associations that group educational consultants, colleges and professionals related to college and graduate school admissions. Some of them are IECA, NACAC, SACAC, HECA and AIGAC. For most of these organizations, if you do not have at least three years of experience in the field, you cannot be admitted as a member. This means that professionals involved with these associations have to abide by certain rules and regulations that are hard to follow and comply with. These associations not only provide opportunities for continuing education, they also set standard laws for the industry which have to do with ethical and unethical behavior, what is expected and what is not allowed. A professional involved with these associations is one that you will be able to have more confidence that he/she will do the job ethically and responsibly.

6- Continuing education through educational consulting associations is a must for independent counselors. As in many fields of work, professionals that keep up to date with the latest market trends, technologies and industry information are the ones that will allow you to continue progressing when seeking your goals. Continuing education is as important in this field of educational consulting as in any other. Educational consultants that are leaders in the field attend on average two conferences per year to ensure they continue being on top of the industry trends. Seek counselors that are active within the industry associations and that often participate in continuing education programs.

7- Understand that exorbitant consulting fees are not directly related to results. Some consultants decide to offer advice for tens of thousands of dollars, while others offer reasonable fees well below ten thousand. The ones that are able to provide more reasonable fees most of the times consider that the student should lead this process, working in their college admissions while continuing to be a high school student, teenager, sportsman, or anything else he/she desires to be. If college admissions will be the sole thing in the studentĀ“s life for months or years, the college adviser is not doing his job right. College counseling is a part of life, one we must dedicate energy to, but not devote completely ourselves to. Find someone who thinks this way and you will have one happy and triumphant teenager who feels good about him/herself and the next step they will be taking in their lives.

8- If you are international, it is advantageous to find someone who speaks your own language and understands your culture, while being able to also comply with the rest of the standards of a top counselor. A consultant that can communicate with you in your native tongue will be able to have a different level of understanding of your qualifications. It is about not getting “Lost in Translation”, it is about knowing what the differences are between the admissions process in one country vs. another. An educational consultant that has knowledge of your own country’s admissions process can better explain the differences between that and the one in the U.S. They will know what the most important challenges are for you, better than other consultants who do not possess this experience.

9- And finally, find a counselor that will be able to understand who you are, what your goals are and what would work as a right fit for you. Some counselors specialize in certain students, international, diverse, high achievers, students with LD’s, first generation. If you are an immigrant, for example, a counselor that understands the basics of the visa process and some visa options will provide valuable information to you. Ask the counselor what types of students he/she has worked with in the past. The counselor’s own past experiences might prove useful to you. Seek someone that can relate to your needs and interests, and can understand your concerns, so that they are prepared to address them with professionalism.

What do we look for in a great college admissions process? We focus on finding the right fit for the student academically, socially and in every single aspect of their lives. We seek an institution that will inspire the student to seek their maximum potential and provide career growth opportunities like the student never imagined. This should be the goal of the educational consulting process, helping you and your family make the smartest investment, when thinking of college education, and soon, professional success.

August 29, 2010

Gas Tank Rusting

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Gas Tank Rusting

Gas Tank Rusting

By M. Aslam

Normally the Rust occurs inside of your Motorcycle Gas Tank which is not kept full of gasoline all the time, particularly when the bike is parked for longer period of times. The oxidation of metals from water occurring in the form of condensation from the air within the tank is the basic cause of rust and mostly occurs in high humidity areas like the coastal belts.

Corrective Measures To Prevent in-Tank Rust Before it Occurs:

In order to avoid the rust inside of motorcycle gas tanks you should fill gas tank to maximum level to remove the air whenever the bike is to be parked for more than a day or two. Besides, you ought to develop a routine to get fully filled up your bike’s tank with the gasoline upon return home from your every day’s ride. Because whenever the bike is parked or stored for more than a month’s time, you may place a fuel stabilizer inside of the tank prior to filling it to the lip. Similarly, if the motorbike is to be parked for a period of 90 days or more, you should drain about 200ml of fuel from the lower cock of the tank so as to remove the accumulated water and then top off the top of your bike’s tank with sufficient volume of gasoline in order to make it filled completely.

However, if you think that the bike is going to be parked for a time span of 11 months or so, you may opt to drain out the entire gasoline from your bike’s gasoline tank. Dry it with the fresh air so as to eliminate the inside moisture/dampness. Now you may place inside of your bike’s tank a few packets of silicate and ensure to seal the tank properly in order to avoid any moisture/dampness. You will find it greatly helpful to prevent from the Motorcycle Gas Tank Rust.

August 28, 2010

Mortgage Broker

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Use a Mortgage Broker For Your Needs

How Mr. ..? Do you want to buy my product ..?

By Paul Mangion

If you require a second mortgage be sure to contact an experienced second mortgage broker. Someone that will have your best interest at heart and who will ensure you get the best possible deal that you can by having a large selection of private mortgage funds.

When you’re searching for a 2nd mortgage, it’s just as important to make sure you’re getting the best deal as it was the first time you mortgaged your property. The stress of paying another mortgage increase your stress level and alter your quality of life. With a 2nd mortgage, this is also true. It is very time consuming and difficult to search for all of the information you may need. When dealing with a 2nd mortgage on your own you can easily overlook many details of your mortgage which can make all the difference in how satisfied you are with your decision.

For most people, working with a mortgage brokerage can be a great alternative to the stress of doing all the research on your own. If you decide to hire a mortgage broker to help you attain a 2nd mortgage, be sure the company you hire is both qualified to offer lending options from a variety of different institutions, but also have a good reputation for customer service satisfaction. When you 2work with an experienced and seasoned mortgage broker they always have your interests at heart. Choosing the right mortgage, whether it’s your first or an additional one, is a big decision that will affect your future for years to come.

A great mortgage broker can assist you in applying for your 2nd mortgage. An experienced mortgage broker rest assured will provide you with the most professional service and all the options presented to you were chosen to meet your needs.

A 2nd mortgage doesn’t have to be a stressful adventure. When you hire a knowledgeable mortgage broker to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision you effectively reduce your stress level by eliminating the unknown. This means that when it’s all said and done, you’ll feel good about your decision and confident that you’ve made the best possible choice for your financial future.

August 27, 2010

Automatic Incline Treadmills

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Why Choose Automatic Incline Treadmills

I do sports, so my body to be slim

By George Knight

Most modern treadmills often come with an incline feature. This feature is almost a necessity for most treadmill users and it is important to know what is best suited for your needs, whether it is automatic or manual incline.

Manual incline must be adjusted, as the name states, in a manual fashion, which simply means that it requires you to physically pull out a pin or do something similar to change the gradient of the machine. The main disadvantage of this feature is that you cannot adjust gradient mid-workout and you will have to dismount and turn off the machine before adjusting incline. In addition manual incline limits the degrees of gradient a machine can have as well not being able to inform the user as to the exact degree of incline they are running on, apart from 0%.

However manual incline is still popular amongst many people who seek steady workouts without making changes to gradient or other variables, whilst also providing them with the option of slightly changing their incline if need be. Manual incline tends to be on cheaper treadmills as it is cheaper manufacturer, proving it to be a great option for bargain hunters.

Automatic incline is a much more versatile and flexible option compared to its manual counterpart. This form of incline allows you to change the slope of your running platform at the press of a button during your workout whilst you are still moving. Features such as predefined and user defined programs are made possible with automatic incline as the treadmill can automatically adjust slope to simulate hills and varying terrain. When compared to manual incline treadmills, automatic incline treadmills will be more expensive, heavier and larger machines.

You can never go wrong with automatic incline at it is suitable to almost everyone. The flexibility it provides to exercisers by far outweighs the difference in why between the two forms of incline. The exact level of incline is often shown on the display of treadmills with automatic incline so they can much more accurately calculate the amount of calories you have lost in the workout. Also these treadmills ill allow you to tweak incline by amounts as small as half degree and increase to incline to levels greater than 15 degrees. For more information, please go to

August 26, 2010

Green Energy

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Go With Green Energy

Go With Green Energy

By Sangeetha Shanmugavel

Green energy is considered to be an environmentally friendly and non-polluting source of energy to save our globe. Due to the problems associated with the use of fossil fuels, we are forced to look for an alternative source of energy. We could get that energy from renewable energy sources and that has little or no impact on the environment. Even this would prevent global warming. The well-known sources of alternative power are wind and solar energy.

The renewable energy sources include the sun, wind, and water. In some part people are using agricultural waste and animal dung also. But some climatologists have analyzed biomass have some impact on the air. But overall the use of green energy, extensively reduces chemical and thermal toxic waste.

This renewed solar energy and wind energy can even greatly decrease homeowners‘ electrical bill or they can even get rid of it. New technology has made it possible for thousands to build their own solar panels, and in a windy place anyone could build their own windmills. Now a day’s many people are building their own efficient and affordable solar systems at home. We can go green in several ways like powering home with green energy or by changing small things in everyday life like light bulbs. Our hourly needs are energy sources that will last forever and can be used without polluting the environment.

A green energy home is an energy efficient home, and in addition we could leave a wonderful earth as a compliment to our future generation.

August 25, 2010

Compact Wireless Keyboard

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Compact Wireless Keyboard Overview

Compact Wireless Keyboard

By Kyle Locke

A compact wireless keyboard is the perfect addition to a media PC or a home theater PC (HTPC). Why? To truly enjoy all of the features on these media PCs or to gain freedom from your desktop computer you want a device that allows you to do so comfortably, easily and conveniently.

Considered by many as the ultimate solution or substitute for wired computer devices, wireless keyboards give you the ability to use your computer without being attached or wired.

Generally smaller than standard size keyboards that have either 101 or 104 keys, compact keyboards usually eliminate the 10-key numeric pad and other keys to save space.

Technically speaking, these keyboards use batteries and either a USB or Bluetooth receiver that communicates with your computer.

Here are some tips to consider before you buy.

1. Focus on comfort and ergonomic keyboards. All keyboards should be comfortable to type on, fit your hands and not be too big or small for your needs. In other words, look for a comfortable keyboard design.

2. Read customer reviews to help you evaluate what brands are reliable and which keyboard is easiest to use and set up. Also the operating range is another key feature to keep in mind.

3. Pay close attention to information about ease or difficulty typing as keys are usually smaller in size than standard size keyboards.

4. Evaluate the list of customizable features and placement of the media controls. Also, note whether the keyboard is truly a plug and play device.

5. Consider durability, price and for Mac users, whether the keyboard is Mac compatible.

6. Ask yourself do you also need or want a wireless mouse. Many wireless keyboards have a mouse, track pad or track ball feature integrated into the keyboard. Some manufacturers combine the two devices into a package, so make sure that you only buy what you need or want.

Overall, pairing a compact wireless keyboard with a media PC or HTPC is a winning idea. You gain flexibility and freedom to relax and lounge or operate the computer from within a long range distance.

So free yourself from your desktop or take complete control over your PC entertainment system and try a compact wireless keyboard.

August 24, 2010

Inspire Confidence

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ImCrew Does it Inspire Confidence

You sexy lady..!

By David Odewale

I don’t know about you but have you seen those ads and banners from Imcrew? They say that you can get $10 just for registering and $2 for referring someone. I get ads and banners talking about this new website as it is sweeping through the internet marketing town.

Well, I though I have a look and before I could say ‘Jack Robinson‘ have registered straight away. Then I looked at it with a logical eye and found a few things I should have questioned before I registered.

Yes I signed first before looking – I broke my golden rule not to sign anything until I do a proper due diligence. Anyway, the attraction of free $10 for registering was too much a resistance – money for signing up? Count me in.

After signing up I logged onto the sight and found at least 3 things which raises my suspicion

1. There is an absence of company details. Who owns it? Where is it based? No telephone number to contact. Not much – in fact no information of the company is present. If it is not owned by a company, the owner name is absent. This does not inspire confidence and in facts raises questions as easily they appear they can easy disappear

2. There is an email address one can contact for any more information – but it is a Gmail address. Nothing wrong with using a free email address but I figured that if this website is to give up to $12 per person registering. That is $10 and $2 to the person referring, then for 100,000 people (this is my estimate is possible because of the free sign ups) that is $1. 2M in pay out alone. I am surprised that they could not have an email ending with @imcrew. com.

3. Also the site they are using is a Word Press site again free website. Nothing wrong with Word Press – in fact I use it as well. Word Press is very good. Nevertheless, a free blog website for a company that wants to be taken seriously does not inspire confidence in believing what they say is true.

I hope that my fears are unfounded and that this website is true as I am writing this email and they can payout what they promised, nevertheless, I do have my doubts because of the reasons stated above.

August 23, 2010

Patent Docketing Software

Patent Docketing Software – Preparing For IT Drill

Preparing For IT Drill

By Jerry Lamigo

Intellectual Asset Management Software (often known as Patent Docketing Software) has the potential to transform the way patent departments relate to and even think about their role as providers of IP support services to the rest of the enterprise. The emergence of web based patent docketing software creates an opportunity for IP departments to change their focus from docket data entry to enterprise wide intellectual property asset management. A successful service-centric IP department, in turn, directly produces more value for the business by leveraging knowledge from both internal clients and external service providers and align closely with business goals.

Selecting the right patent docketing software can be a challenge. This post provides some tips on getting acceptance from your IT department. For some patent departments, this can be overwhelming. The reason is not often not the budget, but the strenuous process of getting a new software. Lack of time and knowledge about the software only exacerbate the situation and many departments give up. Here are some points for you to prepare yourself when you bring IT department into the discussion.

Data Security

Patent data requires high level of security. Your IT department is likely to raise this as a concern, even more when your vendor is hosted your data outside your firewall. You should ensure that the potential patent docketing software vendor has measures in place to meet the standards.

Migration Plan

Your IT department would be concerned about the data migration plan. They would want to know if the data contained inside the patent docketing software application can be exported and moved into another one. How easy would that process be? You can check with prospective patent docketing software provider about any data-migration strategies and procedures it uses, including any provisions for data and code escrow.


Your IT department is likely to be interested in the service-level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee the level of performance, availability, and security that the patent docketing software will provide, and govern the actions the provider will take-or the compensation it will provide-in the event that it fails to meet these guarantees. You should check with your prosective vendors about these types of SLAs.


To maximize the benefits from patent management software, you may want to have an integration in place to activate new users and deactivate terminated employees automatically without any user intervention. This and other scenarios require integration between your patent management software and other corporate IT systems. Please ensure from your prospective vendor about the integration capabilities of their patent docketing software.

Lecorpio has an excellent track record of successful patent docketing software project implementations. Lecorpio’s professional services use a powerful combination of strategic insight and superior execution to optimize the cost and efficiency of our client’s IP operations. Feel free to contact us if you need more information on best practices for Intellectual asset management project implementation.

August 22, 2010

Online Income

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What is the Best Source For Online Income?

Ouch … beautiful you

By Walter Stevens

In the business world people are often tested to see what their aptitude is for various jobs. This is used to determine how an employee can be best used to achieve maximum productivity.

When a person goes online looking for income streams they don’t often have that advantage. It really is to your benefit to determine what type of work you are willing to do online and then research to find the best source for online income.

Let me give you a few ideas on how you can do this.

1. Are you entrepreneurial by nature? If you are than starting then online business is going to be a good way for you to make money.

There are many different ways to make money on the Internet today. Some of these business models include email marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, selling products on eBay, and much more.

As a matter of fact many entrepreneurs will branch out and develop multiple income streams in more than one way. This takes a certain mindset and is not always going to be the best source of income for everyone.

2. Do you like to sit down at your computer and do a particular job and then forget about it for the rest of the day. One way you could make money would be to write articles for Internet business owners.

You concentrate on the task at hand and then you are done for the day. You can make an excellent income doing this either for yourself or even working for an article writing company.

Other ways you can sit down and do a particular job, and then forget about it, would be taking surveys from home, reading emails, doing data entry, and so on. You focus on the specific task and then you’re done.

3. Start a blog and monetize it with the Google AdSense. This is good for people who have a particular hobby they would like to make money writing about.

Initially you may not make a lot of money, but as your blog grows it can be seen as an authority site by Google and other search engines. Google AdSense is a free affiliate program you can join.

When people click on the ads that are on your blog you make money. This could be the best source of online income for you because you never have to sell anything. You just get to write about something that you enjoy.

These are three examples on what could be the best source of online income. There are many ways to make money and the best business often comes down to doing what you like best.

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