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July 31, 2010

Make Money

Learn the Secret of How to Make Money Selling Advertising Space

Make Money Selling Advertising Space

By Hector F Herrera

If you want to make an interesting business case study you can gather valuable information just by watching the guy that delivers the newspaper to your doorstep.

You will surely discover that the newspaper publisher employs reporters,writers and other important personnel in order to create interesting contents and print the papers for the readers to enjoy. In addition to that the publisher needs to invest a lot of money in tons of papers and heavy printing presses almost on a daily basis.

Our publisher has to make sure that the newspapers are delivered on time to thousands of readers all over the country and for this reason he needs to appoint agents at every point of the territorial market.

It is obvious then that the publisher cannot make any profits or fund his operations by selling the paper at one dollar each.

Then, how does the newspaper make money?

Here is the answer: by selling advertising spaces!

I am sure that you have seen tons and tons of ads in the press. The publisher simply sells advertising space to advertisers who want to leverage their advertising campaign on the paper’s high readership.

By the same token, you could make money in the same manner from your newsletters by simply selling advertising space to prospective advertisers.

Let us say that you have a mailing list of at least 5000 subscribers: You could very easily start selling them ads space for $10 dollars a piece.

In this way, you can turn every issue you send out to your subscribers into a well oiled profit pulling machine getting ads from an endless stream of new products and services surfacing on the internet.


July 30, 2010


Childhood Hyperactivity

Childhood Hyperactivity

By Julia Kobzareva

Many readers ask what hyperactivity is, and how a hyperactive child differs from just an active child? High motor activity is a characteristic of all preschool children. But in some cases it reaches a pathological degree. Symptoms of hyperactivity concerned parents from the first days of life: children are asleep, crying a lot, during waking hours are very lively, excited, sensitive to all external stimuli – light, noise, stuffiness, etc…

As they grow older failure of the child intently engaged in something becomes noticeable, he/she cannot listen to the story to the end, jump from his seat, cannot play quiet games; inattentive. Characteristic and emotional disturbances are following: unbalance, quick temper and intolerance of failure, hence the violation of relations with children and adults. Because of the impulsive temper hyperactive children constantly get into different troubles and receive endless comments from adults. But do not rush to scold them, to shame and punish. Try to understand that all this happens not by their fault, and your child is not intentionally violating the rules of behavior. By the way, remember, that baby soon gets used for constant reprimands and stop paying attention to them. From your efforts which you apply to heal the baby depends his future.

Having heard from the doctor diagnose “hyperactive” please do not panic, try to be patient and get to work. Try to understand that the constant stimulation of baby tires not only you, but himself also, but unlike adults, a child cannot cope with this alone. You must add to your classes the children treatment. Before talking about treatment, it is necessary to understand the causes of hyperactivity of the child. Of course, the syndrome of hyperactivity does not occur at the drop of a hat. Any problems during pregnancy and childbirth can have various unpleasant consequences, which usually does not manifest immediately after birth, and after some time. This is a threat of miscarriage, hypoxia, asphyxia, using during childbirth auxiliary means (e.g., tongs), and rapid or, conversely, prolonged, traumatic childbirth. Very high fetal activity may precede the appearance of the child syndrome of hyperactivity.

The reason for the behavior of active baby is a lack of oxygen – a chronic fetal hypoxia. This usually happens with female smokers or prolonged labor.

Now about the treatment

First of all, it should be noted that the earlier treatment begins, the sooner the desired effect is reached. Unfortunately, parents are beginning to understand that the child is ill, when due to all the above reasons a child does not well at school.

Craniosacral therapy is one of the main methods of treatment of this pathology. This is a traumatic therapy. It removes the effects of birth trauma – cause of hyperactivity and all phenomena related to it.

So, summing up all the above, it is important to understand:
1) as soon as possible start the treatment – CST (craniosacral therapy).
2) you need to be attentive, patient, have affectionate treatment of the child from the family.

The result will not slow to arrive.

July 29, 2010

Make Money Day

Five Things You Must Know to Make Money Day Trading Stocks

Make Money Day Trading Stocks

By Monti Simmons

Making money by day trading stocks is not as difficult as one may think. Yes, there is an abundance of statistics commonly thrown around essentially stating that 90% of all day traders eventually fail. But, that also means 10% of day traders are successful. It depends on whether you want to view the glass half empty or half full. In fact, the latest statistics from the Small Business Administration (SBA) show that seven out of ten new businesses only last at least two years, and about half only survive five years. However, if you accept that these statistics will be your fate, then you are probably better off never striving to accomplish anything in life that requires even a modicum of risk.

The question that really needs to be asked is: For the 10% of day traders that do succeed, what is it that makes them different? Well, since I began trading way back in 1998, I have discovered five characteristics of a successful trader. They are:

1. A Keen Understanding of How Markets Really Work. An ongoing debate is whether markets are random or predictable. The truth lies somewhere in between because there are periods of both randomness and predictability in markets. The astute trader will spend countless hours reading and researching about crowd behavior and how markets work from a technical standpoint. Your understanding of the intricacies and nuances of crowd and market behavior is important because it will enable you to develop methods that can consistently exploit those times in which markets become predictable.

2. Obsessed About Controlling Risk. The top traders are obsessed with minimizing their risk. Frankly, before focusing on how to make money, your first step must be towards learning how to avoid losing money. I firmly believe that markets are efficient enough that they extract out traders that are careless when it comes to controlling risk. Hence, over the long-term, the only traders left standing are those profitable traders who place risk control at the forefront of their trading.

3. Ability to Control One’s Emotions. Let’s face it. Just as with any job where you are the key ingredient to your success, rigid control over your emotions is a must. Trading is like playing a professional sport. You will find that the top athletes of any sport have firm control over their emotions. Emotional extremes such as euphoria during winning streaks and depression during losing streaks must be dampened. You can’t be emotionally challenged and expect to remain a consistently profitable trader over the long-run.

4. Ability to Follow a Carefully Constructed Plan. Without a well thought-out plan, you are setting yourself up for failure just as with any business endeavour. As a corollary, if you constantly abandon your plan when your trading gets difficult, then you are ensuring yourself a short-lived trading career. Many traders go haywire and start dumping their plan and making impulsive decisions after a string of consecutive losses. If you have developed a winning plan, you must be able to look beyond your current losing streak and realize that your account will eventually reach new equity highs.

5. Strong Desire to Succeed. The best traders are diligent and have an unmatched desire to succeed. It probably has never occurred to these traders that they will fail. Therefore, don’t expect to make a ton of money in your first year of trading, and then quit in frustration, if you don’t succeed. It is widely believed that the key to success in any field requires that you practice a specific task for 10,000 hours or more before you really become proficient. This is known as the 10,000 Hours Rule.

It may take a persistent and relentless effort to synthesize all of these characteristics into your trading. However, modeling your behavior to fit these five fundamental traits will help you become a better trader.

July 28, 2010

Highly Converting Resource Box

Tips to Writing a Highly Converting Resource Box

Tips to Writing

By Justin Glover

Article marketing is a powerful way to grow your email list and make more money online. When people read your article, they can then find their way back to your squeeze page, and check out your offer. This happens more often when you attach a powerful resource box to your article. What follows are some proven ways to increase the click through rate of your article readers and ultimately make more money.

Make your resource box flow. First and foremost, in order for your resource box to be successful, people need to read it. In order to get people to read your resource box, it needs to flow with your article. The goal is to have a resource box that sounds like an extension of the original article that the prospect was reading. You want it to sound like the last paragraph of the article.

Here is an example of a resource box that does not flow. “Justin Glover is a best selling author and an expert in his field of study. He has a weekly newsletter where he shares powerful debt reduction tips. To sign up visit his website here…”

From a marketing standpoint, the purpose of writing an article is to get people to read it, and want to learn more about your products and services. When they have the desire to learn more, they feel compelled to click on your link, and visit your website. From there, they become leads, customers, ect.

Although that first example sounds good in theory, it does not do the job of getting people to click on your website link. The following example does a much better job of this.

“Debt can be a difficult thing to overcome, especially if you don’t have the right guidance. If you are facing this situation, there are 4 simple keys that you MUST know that will make your life 10 times easier. Justin Glover has prepared a free 7 page report revealing these 4 keys to success, and you can get your copy now by going here…”

The second example flows much better with any article related to debt. It does not sound like I am trying to convince them of going to my website by stating my past successes. It simply sounds like I have been there, and done that, and put together a report based on my results. It peaks the curiosity of the reader and by the time they get done reading, they feel like the next step in their process is to click on my link.

The other thing that determines how effective your resource box will be is your content itself. If the article does not provide the reader with some quality content, then they are not going to feel compelled to learn more about you or your offer. The body of your article must be high quality, and flow right into your resource box. If you implement these two strategies into your article marketing efforts, then your click through rates will increase and so will your profits.

July 27, 2010

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

By Stuart Hal

Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment in which you cleanse your colon and flush waste. This is a very important process before the bacteria and toxins that develop there are absorbed into the blood stream.

While there are no scientific studies to prove a direct link between health of the colon and the specific disease or illness, although there is anecdotal evidence showing that people who undergo colon hydrotherapy, provided a number of benefits. For example, constipation and abdominal distension caused by it can be solved with colon cleansing. Other health problems that have benefited from colon cleansing include:

* Indigestion and gas
* Smoking cessation
* Alcohol and drug detoxification
* Asthma Problems
* Skin
* Allergies
* Migraines and headaches

For those of you who continue to eat red meat and enjoy the casual (or not so rare!) With high-fat foods, colon cleansing is a good way to treat health problems related to poor nutrition. High blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer – all will benefit from regular colon cleansing.

Colon hydrotherapy is not uncomfortable process. You lie on your back or side while your insertion hydrotherapist plastic tube into his anus. This tube is soft and disposable, and does not hurt. For the session of colon hydrotherapy, he will remain in place. Thanks to him, hydrotherapist will pump specified amounts of filtered water through the tube into the rectum. The water at the same temperature as your body and can contain herbs or enzymes that increase the purification procedure. Although the water in the rectum, you can massage the abdomen hydrotherapist effort to help your intestinal wall release impact of waste. When the time comes, the vacuum on the tube that pumped the water will be reversed, sending the water, and with it influence your waste in a sealed system with no mess and smell. This will be repeated many times during your hour session, using about 20 liters of water.

The number of colon hydrotherapy sessions depends. It is recommended that all have a session once a year, but for persons with chronic health problems like fatigue, constipation or indigestion, you may need multiple sessions for several weeks. Discuss the choice of hydrotherapy with your doctor if you want to consider this option.

July 26, 2010

Play As Curriculum

Play As Curriculum

Diligent good base

By Kay Star

A main ingredient of any infant or toddler program should be play. Early childhood educators have long recognized play as vital to growth and learning. It is natural to young children and should be regarded as an important use of their time, not as something secondary of optional.

The benefits of play are enormous and go far beyond the kinds of things we talk about so easily, like developing skills and learning concepts. Play can be an avenue to early literacy skills, for one thing. According to one study, play is where many paths to literacy come together and emerging understanding are integrated, practiced, and tested in a safe environment. Play offers children opportunities that come from nowhere else. Through play, children get involved in open-ended exploration. They are not confined by rules, procedures, or outcomes. Children at play have self-direction. They have power. Through total absorption during play, they make discoveries they might otherwise never make, they work on problems, they make choices, and they find out what interests them.

Letting free play remain free is difficult for some adults once they recognize how important play is for infants and toddler. They want to set up objectives and plan for, indeed, control, outcomes. This is especially true for programs for children from low-income families because of the urgency to prepare them for elementary.

One reason adults sometimes want to control toddler play is that they do not understand it. Preschool play they understand because it looks involved and productive, and it fits into categories such as dramatic play or art or block play. But toddler play may not look like much. Toddlers may not look involved. They dabble at things, wander around, often carrying objects with them. But if you watch carefully, you see they are not uninvolved, nor are they in transition. They are walking and carrying. They are making choices. In addition, perhaps they are enjoying the sensory changes as they move around.

July 25, 2010


What is a Heterophone and Why is it Important?

What is a Heterophone and Why is it Important?

By Kym Gordon Moore

Do you think a heterophone is a new product in mobile technology and communications? Can you guess what a heterophone is? Just as we learned that a homophone is one of two or more words that are pronounced the same, but differ in meaning, origin and sometimes spelling, we also have their opposite expression, the “heterophone” in place. If you are familiar with the term linguistics, then you understand that it is the scientific approach to the study of natural language. According to the Babylon Translation Dictionary, in linguistics, heterophones are words that are spelled the same but have different pronunciations and meanings, such as desert (abandon) and desert (arid region). Heterophones are a type of homonym, and are also called heteronyms.

Heterophones may not be well known, but their pronunciations are articulated differently to emphasize its meaning. Although it has nothing to do with mobile services and wireless handheld devices, it is directly connected to communications. Here are a few more examples of heterophones that you probably used previously, but were unaware of their linguistic derivation:

1. Read (pronounced “reed”; a present tense verb to interpret writing), read (pronounced “red”; past tense verb of writing interpreted)

2. Minute (pronounced “my-newt”; an adjective meaning miniature, minuscule, small), minute (pronounced “mi-net “; a noun meaning moment, second or instant)

3. Produce (pronounced “produce”; a verb meaning to view, create, construct or generate), produce (pronounced “pro-duce”; a noun meaning crops and foodstuffs such as fruits and vegetables)

4. Sow (pronounced “so”; a verb meaning to plant or scatter seeds, spread or propagate), sow (pronounced “sau”; a noun meaning a female hog or the adult female of other animals, such as a bear)

5. Present (pronounced “pri-zent”; a verb meaning to bring or introduce socially); present (pronounced “pre-zent”; a noun meaning a gift, offering or to bestow)

Sometimes when you are reading a sentence that contains a heterophone, if you mispronounce the word, you are compelled to go back to reread the sentence in order to get the full flavor of the message. Although you may not remember what words are considered a heterophone, once you realize the context of the sentence structure, you will be able to adjust your pronunciations accordingly.

Due to incompatibility issues to insert reference pronunciation symbols within this article format, I had to improvise on how to pronounce each heterophone listed above for better clarity and understanding. However, feel free to look up each word in order to view the dictionary version of these pronunciations.

July 24, 2010

Salon Equipment Packages

Salon Equipment Packages – A Great Way to Save Money

Hair is the crown for every human

By Ned D’Agostino

A salon business can yield very high profits if executed in the proper way and salon equipment packages are an integral part of the salon business. If this is a craft you are good at, why not consider opening your own salon. This business lets you interact with many different people on a regular basis. Above all, this is a highly interesting and a fun job to perform.

There are various types of salons – gent’s salons, ladies salons, and unisex salons. Salons are sometimes meant for entire beauty treatment, sometimes they look at specific aspects like hair treatments. What ever salon business you wish to start, equipment and people are the focal points of your salon business.

Where should you buy salon equipment packages?

There are many brands in the market that make salon equipment packages. There are so many products in fact that there is a high possibility that you will end up being confused about which brand to select. The best option is to purchase these salon equipment packages from wholesalers. Since you need to purchase several, these wholesale items will come at reasonable rates. They will also offer you diverse options to choose from.

These salon equipment packages can include the following:
– Hair equipment
Beauty equipment
– Manicure and pedicure equipment
– Message equipment
– Salon furnishings

When you purchase equipment from wholesalers, you will not restrict yourself to one particular brand. Instead, you will find many brands making it easier to find one that fits both your budget and your needs. And since you will be buying in bulk, chances are you’ll get a better deal.

But a good price is not your only concern. You also need high quality products. Cheaper products, whether they be products used on the hair or products that allow you to do the work, will often lead to disaster.

Many wholesalers have stock clearance sales couple of times in a year. The best time to buy your salon equipment packages is during these sales. This is the time when you can buy best brands at very affordable prices.

Some Useful Information Which You Should Always Keep In Mind While Buying Salon Equipments Packages From Wholesalers

You should have a sound knowledge about the wholesaler from whom you are buying from. Talk to other people and read reviews. In other words, do a little research before you buy.

Check whether this wholesaler is offering you a return policy. Read the return policy carefully before signing and purchasing the salon equipment package.

Doing research on both the equipment and the seller will result in you getting the best products at the best possible price. And both are important to your bottom line.

July 23, 2010

Top Internet Marketing

Top Internet Marketing Methods to Help You Succeed

Top Internet Marketing Methods to Help You

By Robert Hamer

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Law? It’s attributed to Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who established in the late 19th century that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. In internet marketing probably 90% of the money is earned by 10% of the marketers! In this article I’ll be sharing top internet marketing methods, which I hope will help you become part of the successful minority. You’ll also get the opportunity to improve your marketing skills with a free internet marketing training course.

So, here are five top internet marketing methods to help you get into that top 10%.

1) Successful internet marketers write and submit articles to article directories (like this one!) Writing about your own area of expertise is essential if you want to build a reputation as an expert, and gain the credibility that comes with it. Perhaps the biggest benefit however, is the opportunity to have your articles published by ezine publishers and websites. This means your articles will get more exposure and gain links back to you from other sites and ezines that publish them.

2) Focusing on a particular niche is another top internet marketing method. Build a website or blog with quality content relating to a particular product, as this is an excellent means of building traffic. Good and bad advice about using search-engine optimisation (SEO) abounds on the internet. However what the search engines really value is high-quality, informative, useful content.

3) Far more has been written online about selling than pre-selling, but guess which is more effective? Pre-selling is an art in itself, but begin by creating review or testimonial landing pages which introduce and discuss the product or service you are promoting. This leads to visitors who are more receptive to your offering than those sent straight to a sales pitch, which many will find off-putting.

4) Collect your site visitors’ names and email addresses on your website. This can be done through a simple opt-in form. You will need to offer some free, quality information in return which will be relevant to the needs of the prospective customer. This could be in the form of a quide or ebook, which can be delivered by autoresponder (see below) after a successful sign- up. Building your list in this way will enable you to contact potential customers who may otherwise leave your site for good.

5) Use a decent autoresponder to send follow-up messages to your list of subscribers. Autoresponders are very valuable tools that enable you to send a series of messages to your list at intervals determined by you. An integral part of successful internet marketing is building relationships with your clients, so your messages should provide content that will be of real benefit to them. Do not send more than one in three messages that are sales-orientated or you are likely to see your list shrink! On the plus side, research shows that people who are potentially interested in an offer may need to be exposed to it six or seven times before they feel confident enough to buy, so an autoresponder is perfect for this purpose.

And my final, free top internet marketing method..

July 22, 2010

Music Industry

The Caribbean’s Music Industry

The beauty of a woman’s body, a man’s dream

By Jermaine James

Jamaican Music, Mainly reggae has a very wide audience And artists like Bob Marley, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Beenie Man has done a lot to push Jamaican Music. There are many types of Jamaican Music, for every type of mood you might be in there is a type for you to flow with. Unlike Soca Music, Soca Music is a party music and if your not in the mood of parting or jumping up, you may want to leave it for a later time. Jamaica’s street version of Reggae is called dancehall, and Dancehall music in my opinion has faded into a realm of violent and sexual contents.

With some of Dancehall’s most popular artists like Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Aidonia ect., the music these artist produce are usually very popular in Jamaica and internationally but are full of violence and strong sexual contents. These songs are frequently band from the air but are still played in street dances and clubs all over the world. The artists usually produces an explicit version of certain songs, that way the clean versions get air play and it ends up promoting the explicit version that plays on the street.

I think that the government should place a ban on all songs that have explicit versions because the bans they are placing can easily be avoided by doing two versions of a song. I personally love the music but its going too far now in terms of the explicitness. Gone are the days when love and peace are broadcast-ed on the air.

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