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August 15, 2010

Classic and Elegant

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Wear White For That Classic and Elegant Look

Classic and Elegant Look

By Andrea Dilea

Now that we’re entering the warmer months of the year, it’s time to get out those light colored clothes to wear. Light-toned clothes is best for the sunny weather as they can make you feel good and fresh even when the heat goes up.

I would recommend stacking up on light colored clothes, especially whites, if you live in an area where the weather gets warmer some time of the year. If you live in tropical areas, you can wear your whites althroughout the year.

The thing about the color white is that it gives a classic, clean and stylish air to your overall get-up. White is fresh and pristine, always pleasing to the eye. It is always refreshing to see people wearing white. It looks classic, chic and trendy, and can definitely outlive temporary fashion trends and clothing styles. Another great plus factor is that whites are so easy to mix with any color.

Most people refrain from wearing white because they’re afraid of stains and soiling. But the truth is, whites are the easiest to launder. When you get a stain or blot on white fabric, you can simply soak the whole thing in some bleach. With colors, you have to work through spot treatment and stand the risk of discoloration or over treatment.

Others stay away from whites because you can usually see through thin white fabric, but there are a lot of skin tone underwear that makes wearing white a lot easier. You can also get a bit fashionable and wear a colored sleeveless tee under a white overblouse and button it half-way.

It’s also a breeze to accessorize with white. You can wear all colors and types of costume jewellery since they stand out well with a white background. There’s not much fuss also about bags and shoes that go with a white get-up since you can actually wear both as accents.

Above all, white shirts, blouses, beach dresses, skirts or pants are simply and pleasantly fashionable. There’s that indescribable thing about white that gives you the step up in the fashion sense. So load up your wardrobe with lots of whites – they’re elegant, classy, and versatile, and you’ll get to wear each piece through the years without departing from any prevailing fashion style and trend of the season.

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