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July 3, 2010

US Border Patrol

Serve Your Country With the US Border Patrol

Serve Your Country

By David Millers

For decades, US Border Patrol agents have been working night and day to keep our country free from illegal aliens, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorism. Although America’s borders are not defended by the military, the Department of Homeland Security entrusts the service of highly trained, professional agents to keep threats to our country at bay.

The US Border Patrol is responsible for protecting our natural borders with Mexico and Canada, the longest boarder between two countries in the world, and also the coastal regions of Florida and the island of Puerto Rico. Agents employ the most sophisticated surveillance technology in harmony with the use of service animals, like horses and dogs, to protect our country from anyone trying to illegally cross our borders.

While the US Border Patrol is in a constant search for qualified new agents, not everyone is fit to take on the demands that come with the job. Agents must be physically and mentally strong, with a willingness to work a variety of different shifts and relocate when necessary. Also, agents must fluently speak Spanish in order to communicate while on the job, but Spanish language training is provided for those who are not currently bilingual. Committed individuals who are United States citizens, under the age of 40, and want to do something positive for their country should fill out an online application to be considered for training.

Our country needs skilled men and women to keep watch over our borders and ensure the safety of our people from coast to coast, and everywhere in between. For more information on this type of job and how to complete an online application, visit this border patrol jobs informational site and take the first steps towards serving your

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