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August 4, 2010

Window Treatments

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What is the Difference Between 1″ – and 2″ – Blinds?

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By Nicolas Hantge

When talking about 1 and 2 inch window treatments, there are really four main differences; light control, weight, cleaning ability and price.

When looking at light control, a main difference is the ability to see out of a window when the wood blinds are open. 2″ wood blinds give you more ability to see out of the window than 1″ blinds. You are also able to direct more light with 2″ wood blinds than 1″ wood blinds. They both cover the window equally when closed but when open or slightly open, there is more use with 2″ window coverings.

When comparing the weight of the two types of blinds, 1″ mini blinds weighs less than both 2″ faux and wood blinds. This is extremely important when talking about a 6″ long window that you need to cover. Not only do the blinds require more secure brackets to support the weight of the blinds, with that kind of length they may bow a little because of the weight with 2″ blinds.

The ability to clean your blinds is a personal preference but most of our customers like to keep their window coverings clean so choosing the more easily cleaned window treatment is important to them. In almost all of the blinds we carry (if not all), 2″ wood shades are easier to clean than 1″ aluminum mini blinds.

Price is usually a factor in all purchases of window coverings it just depends on what you are looking for. In our 1″ mini blinds that we carry, they are almost always less expensive than the 2″ blinds. Usually the larger the window the more of a gap their is in price between 1″ mini blinds and 2″ wood shades. You need to think about the cost of the materials on this one; wood or faux wood blinds are more expensive to manufacture so it is easy to understand the price difference.

What size blinds are better for large windows”

This question is different for every situation (window size, room decor, budget). If you are looking to be on a low budget and do not really care much about the appearance of the window coverings themselves, 1″ mini blinds are the way to go. Wood blinds usually look more elegant and are more expensive.

As you can see both types of window treatments have their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully after reading some of these questions you will have a better idea what size blinds you will want to go with.

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