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August 26, 2010

Green Energy

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Go With Green Energy

Go With Green Energy

By Sangeetha Shanmugavel

Green energy is considered to be an environmentally friendly and non-polluting source of energy to save our globe. Due to the problems associated with the use of fossil fuels, we are forced to look for an alternative source of energy. We could get that energy from renewable energy sources and that has little or no impact on the environment. Even this would prevent global warming. The well-known sources of alternative power are wind and solar energy.

The renewable energy sources include the sun, wind, and water. In some part people are using agricultural waste and animal dung also. But some climatologists have analyzed biomass have some impact on the air. But overall the use of green energy, extensively reduces chemical and thermal toxic waste.

This renewed solar energy and wind energy can even greatly decrease homeowners‘ electrical bill or they can even get rid of it. New technology has made it possible for thousands to build their own solar panels, and in a windy place anyone could build their own windmills. Now a day’s many people are building their own efficient and affordable solar systems at home. We can go green in several ways like powering home with green energy or by changing small things in everyday life like light bulbs. Our hourly needs are energy sources that will last forever and can be used without polluting the environment.

A green energy home is an energy efficient home, and in addition we could leave a wonderful earth as a compliment to our future generation.

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