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August 29, 2010

Gas Tank Rusting

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Gas Tank Rusting

Gas Tank Rusting

By M. Aslam

Normally the Rust occurs inside of your Motorcycle Gas Tank which is not kept full of gasoline all the time, particularly when the bike is parked for longer period of times. The oxidation of metals from water occurring in the form of condensation from the air within the tank is the basic cause of rust and mostly occurs in high humidity areas like the coastal belts.

Corrective Measures To Prevent in-Tank Rust Before it Occurs:

In order to avoid the rust inside of motorcycle gas tanks you should fill gas tank to maximum level to remove the air whenever the bike is to be parked for more than a day or two. Besides, you ought to develop a routine to get fully filled up your bike’s tank with the gasoline upon return home from your every day’s ride. Because whenever the bike is parked or stored for more than a month’s time, you may place a fuel stabilizer inside of the tank prior to filling it to the lip. Similarly, if the motorbike is to be parked for a period of 90 days or more, you should drain about 200ml of fuel from the lower cock of the tank so as to remove the accumulated water and then top off the top of your bike’s tank with sufficient volume of gasoline in order to make it filled completely.

However, if you think that the bike is going to be parked for a time span of 11 months or so, you may opt to drain out the entire gasoline from your bike’s gasoline tank. Dry it with the fresh air so as to eliminate the inside moisture/dampness. Now you may place inside of your bike’s tank a few packets of silicate and ensure to seal the tank properly in order to avoid any moisture/dampness. You will find it greatly helpful to prevent from the Motorcycle Gas Tank Rust.

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