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Hello I’m Andy Subandono from Indonesia


O my brother one nation and one Indonesian motherland we love together, God is beautiful and loves beauty.

Understanding the importance of a life back and said line strands. A string of words and life that have the influence and value of beauty. Life that do not add value to confusion and a variety of interpretations. However, a definite life and are able to move any money to hear and read.

often times we feel sad when facing the problems of life, sometimes sadness into a deep concern that eventually led to the attitude of no confidence, it’s easy to blame something, we rarely even sometimes no wonder “God Almighty does not equal fair what we”? ….

yes .. sometimes those questions arise, without us realizing it. As a result of short-thinking, a move that did not focus as well as spiritual, dry and arid.

In fact if you want to go through, we learn and we actually contemplate the problems of life will continue to fall on us while we live in this world. Because the problem is one of the consequences of living.

Usually the cause of grief, self blame even blame the provisions of Allah comes from our own. That spiritual arid and dry, there are many activities but sometimes feels hollow, or have no plans of living a factor in why we are pessimistic about solving the problem of life.

At the heart started sinking, it is the only panacea is to return to Allah SWT. Expand the quality of worship, seek forgiveness, and forgiveness multiplied to Allah SWT, then take a lesson in every problem or incident is one way to reduce and even change our pessimistic outlook became optimistic energy.

Do not forget to always adjacent to the righteous people, ask for advice to them, do not feel discouraged if a lot of friends or friends of rebuke and reminds us, because if there are still people who want to reprimand or give a warning to us, then we are the ones who lucky because there are comrades who still reminds …

optimislah in life, because with optimistic this will be a wonderful life …

ANDY SUBANDONO introduce my name, I was an employee of PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) signed October 1, 1990 exactly at the Post Office Singapore, my physical condition was weak and often sick is a severe stomach infection (every morning vomiting), almost always go to the doctor every month until the year 1998 Alhamdulillah I met someone who introduced a remarkable product that is CNI SUN Chlorella, after my regular consumption Alhamdulillah I finally healed.

Thanks to CNI SUN Chlorella products this end I now have Minimarket “MMGoDAM” special marketing products supplied by PT. CNI. And now I love to join health seminar and learn HOW TO ACHIEVE HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS LIFE, which is every man’s dream. Information about healthy lifestyles, harmony of husband and wife, family welfare and so forth will get you in this Blog are written and compiled from various sources. Hopefully this blog presence can provide benefits to all of you. And may we all be spiritual and physical happiness by Allah SWT. Amiiin ….


Jl. Teratai RT 10 RW 04, Bligo, Candi, Sidoarjo

Jawa Timur 61271

Call. 6231-70520708, 6231-8068858

HandPhone. 6281 550 6 4444


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