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August 8, 2010

Closing Sales

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What Every Rich Salesperson Knows About Closing Sales

Finally bring the results of my work

By Rob Brauer

Perhaps selling is the only profession in the world wherein your future earnings can go beyond what 95% of the population across the world can ever earn – but only if you follow certain strategies behind it! No doubt as a salesperson you must be aware of them but in this article I will reveal 3 key strategies through which you can massively increase your sales. These are: qualifying your buyer, understanding your customers deeply and becoming a chameleon.

The foremost strategy is to qualify your buyer. You should make a habit to do some research on every company you want to approach as a prospect. Your effort of prospecting should be qualitative rather than quantitative. No doubt you will make a certain number of calls to a person in order to gain a good lead but if your focus remains on activity rather on productivity, you will hardly gain anything for your efforts. After all, you get paid for your sales and not for your number of calls. So try to get hold of information regarding the key executives which will help you to understand your clients better.

Superficial or depthless relationships with your customers will only make you defenseless against competition and will never help you to achieve your goals. If you want to be successful in this world of cut throat competition, you continuously need to achieve deeper relationship and understanding with your clients. This means you have to dig deeper to know them better using every tactic to uncover the deeper layers of truth hidden in their minds. You need to understand their needs and expectations while presenting your programs and services at the same time. This attitude of yours will set you apart from your competitors eventually helping you to close more sales. But here is required in a salesperson the characteristics of discipline, courage, skillfulness, dedication and above all the ability of blending with the environment like a chameleon to achieve targeted goals.

It is a proven fact that people like those people who are like them. People prefer to buy things from people whom they like and are most comfortable with. So be like them and treat your customers the way they want to be treated. So it becomes necessary to study each decision maker and reciprocate in the manner he or she wants to be valued. Here you need to become a chameleon which has a unique power to change its colors to blend with its environment. Learn the art of becoming like a chameleon and ultimately closing more sales.

In short, closing more sales and increasing your potential income means qualifying your buyer, coming close to the customers by knowing about their needs and expectations and finally treating them in the manner they want to be. Every rich salesman knows about this concept of the closing sales and if you know about it, you will also sure become the richest and successful salesperson.


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