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July 31, 2010

Make Money

Learn the Secret of How to Make Money Selling Advertising Space

Make Money Selling Advertising Space

By Hector F Herrera

If you want to make an interesting business case study you can gather valuable information just by watching the guy that delivers the newspaper to your doorstep.

You will surely discover that the newspaper publisher employs reporters,writers and other important personnel in order to create interesting contents and print the papers for the readers to enjoy. In addition to that the publisher needs to invest a lot of money in tons of papers and heavy printing presses almost on a daily basis.

Our publisher has to make sure that the newspapers are delivered on time to thousands of readers all over the country and for this reason he needs to appoint agents at every point of the territorial market.

It is obvious then that the publisher cannot make any profits or fund his operations by selling the paper at one dollar each.

Then, how does the newspaper make money?

Here is the answer: by selling advertising spaces!

I am sure that you have seen tons and tons of ads in the press. The publisher simply sells advertising space to advertisers who want to leverage their advertising campaign on the paper’s high readership.

By the same token, you could make money in the same manner from your newsletters by simply selling advertising space to prospective advertisers.

Let us say that you have a mailing list of at least 5000 subscribers: You could very easily start selling them ads space for $10 dollars a piece.

In this way, you can turn every issue you send out to your subscribers into a well oiled profit pulling machine getting ads from an endless stream of new products and services surfacing on the internet.


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