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July 28, 2010

Highly Converting Resource Box

Tips to Writing a Highly Converting Resource Box

Tips to Writing

By Justin Glover

Article marketing is a powerful way to grow your email list and make more money online. When people read your article, they can then find their way back to your squeeze page, and check out your offer. This happens more often when you attach a powerful resource box to your article. What follows are some proven ways to increase the click through rate of your article readers and ultimately make more money.

Make your resource box flow. First and foremost, in order for your resource box to be successful, people need to read it. In order to get people to read your resource box, it needs to flow with your article. The goal is to have a resource box that sounds like an extension of the original article that the prospect was reading. You want it to sound like the last paragraph of the article.

Here is an example of a resource box that does not flow. “Justin Glover is a best selling author and an expert in his field of study. He has a weekly newsletter where he shares powerful debt reduction tips. To sign up visit his website here…”

From a marketing standpoint, the purpose of writing an article is to get people to read it, and want to learn more about your products and services. When they have the desire to learn more, they feel compelled to click on your link, and visit your website. From there, they become leads, customers, ect.

Although that first example sounds good in theory, it does not do the job of getting people to click on your website link. The following example does a much better job of this.

“Debt can be a difficult thing to overcome, especially if you don’t have the right guidance. If you are facing this situation, there are 4 simple keys that you MUST know that will make your life 10 times easier. Justin Glover has prepared a free 7 page report revealing these 4 keys to success, and you can get your copy now by going here…”

The second example flows much better with any article related to debt. It does not sound like I am trying to convince them of going to my website by stating my past successes. It simply sounds like I have been there, and done that, and put together a report based on my results. It peaks the curiosity of the reader and by the time they get done reading, they feel like the next step in their process is to click on my link.

The other thing that determines how effective your resource box will be is your content itself. If the article does not provide the reader with some quality content, then they are not going to feel compelled to learn more about you or your offer. The body of your article must be high quality, and flow right into your resource box. If you implement these two strategies into your article marketing efforts, then your click through rates will increase and so will your profits.


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