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July 27, 2010

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

By Stuart Hal

Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment in which you cleanse your colon and flush waste. This is a very important process before the bacteria and toxins that develop there are absorbed into the blood stream.

While there are no scientific studies to prove a direct link between health of the colon and the specific disease or illness, although there is anecdotal evidence showing that people who undergo colon hydrotherapy, provided a number of benefits. For example, constipation and abdominal distension caused by it can be solved with colon cleansing. Other health problems that have benefited from colon cleansing include:

* Indigestion and gas
* Smoking cessation
* Alcohol and drug detoxification
* Asthma Problems
* Skin
* Allergies
* Migraines and headaches

For those of you who continue to eat red meat and enjoy the casual (or not so rare!) With high-fat foods, colon cleansing is a good way to treat health problems related to poor nutrition. High blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer – all will benefit from regular colon cleansing.

Colon hydrotherapy is not uncomfortable process. You lie on your back or side while your insertion hydrotherapist plastic tube into his anus. This tube is soft and disposable, and does not hurt. For the session of colon hydrotherapy, he will remain in place. Thanks to him, hydrotherapist will pump specified amounts of filtered water through the tube into the rectum. The water at the same temperature as your body and can contain herbs or enzymes that increase the purification procedure. Although the water in the rectum, you can massage the abdomen hydrotherapist effort to help your intestinal wall release impact of waste. When the time comes, the vacuum on the tube that pumped the water will be reversed, sending the water, and with it influence your waste in a sealed system with no mess and smell. This will be repeated many times during your hour session, using about 20 liters of water.

The number of colon hydrotherapy sessions depends. It is recommended that all have a session once a year, but for persons with chronic health problems like fatigue, constipation or indigestion, you may need multiple sessions for several weeks. Discuss the choice of hydrotherapy with your doctor if you want to consider this option.


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