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July 15, 2010

Feng Shui

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Feng Shui For Wealth and Prosperity Begins at Home

Comfortable bed

By Christine T Tran

It seems as though most people are interested in Feng Shui for wealth more than any other aspect of this rich Chinese practice of promoting good chi. It’s a shame because “rich” in the sense that I’m referring to has to do with the many areas that Feng Shui can affect our lives.

Feng Shui is not just about wealth and prosperity. It is also about creating a better life with good health, happiness in family and marriage, recognition in the workplace and life, even charity by spreading our good chi onto others. All these positive attributes, though, starts in the home.

There is a practical side to Feng Shui that many people miss. Rearranging your furniture to allow the better flow of chi, for example, makes it easier for you to navigate your own house. In addition, furniture placement makes the room more aesthetically pleasing. You’re proud of your living space so you are more inclined to keep it up and have company over. Hosting parties at your house can lead to better social relationships which can lead to building a better network. In the business sense, your network correlates with your net worth.

Here are a few ideas based on Feng Shui to get you started on the true path of enlightenment:

  1. Eliminate clutter. Things lying about in disarray disrupt the positive chi flow in your home and office. Organization is important as well as putting everything in its place.
  2. Ensure that your home is well-lit to keep the positive energy flowing. Natural light is best but if you have a room where the windows are not strategically placed, you could use warm lighting for a lovely, illuminating glow.
  3. Use crystals throughout your home to energize your living areas. Certain crystals exude particular energies, so you will want to choose wisely depending on what type of characteristic you want most in a room.

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