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July 13, 2010

Dating Advice For Women

Dating Advice For Women – 4 Signs to Show He’s Not the One

Dating Advice For Women

By M D Chuka

It seems like it’s getting harder and harder for most girls to find Mr. Right.

There used to be a time when it was a given that a girl got married in her late teens or early twenties. Anything otherwise was the exception not the rule. Nowadays, it’s more common to find women being single well into middle age, not because they took a vow of chastity but because it’s just that harder to find Mr. Right.

Our busy work schedules don’t help matters in this area. Most women would really love to settle down and start a family. However, this predicament has led some ladies to make a decision they sometimes live to regret and that is settling for Mr. WFM – Wrong For Me.

How do you know if a guy is wrong for you? Well, the following signs should be an indication that Mr. Sweet and Charming should be banished to the scrapheap of no return.

4 Signs to Show He’s not the One

1. He’s still Married

The moment a guy tells you he’s married, pick up your bags, keys and panties (if they’ve fallen off) and run like a deer from a hungry lion. Never believe the old “the marriage was over a long time ago” or “I’m just staying for the kids.” Honestly, is he really worth all the secrecy and hassle and do you want to be labeled a home-breaker?

2. He’s a Layabout

I know we live in hard times and people are getting laid off left, right and center. However, if all Bill loves to do is play video games from morning to night and watch the Sports channel, then walk on by. You need a strong man with a vision for his future.

3. He lives at home with Mama

You deserve to be the center of attention. If he’s going to repeatedly stand you up to take care of Mama, do yourself a favor. Find someone else who is really ready for a relationship.

4. He admits to having several Girlfriends

This spells danger from every angle you look at it. On a physical and emotional level, you could really get hurt. No guy is worth going through that stress for.

The 4 signs are just a fraction of the many signals to show that a guy is not right for you. Perhaps you know or have experienced more. Learn to trust your gut instincts. I know it can be a challenge finding the right guy in these times we live in. Still, you’re a classy lady and deserve the best not Mr. WFM.

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