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July 5, 2010

Road Trip

Road Trip Time

Road Trip Time

By Chris Reeb

Any time can be road trip time. It is your choice based on the desires and time constraints of all the travelers involved in your trip. You might want to time your trip to coincide with special events or seasons of the year which make the sight seeing more spectacular.

Maybe a special seasonal recreation sparks the road trip. Whatever the reason there are some things that should be done to ensure that this will be a special trip without any glitches.

Once you have decided on the destination you should get directions. There are free programs on the internet to assist you. and are only two of many free programs available for you to use. They will not only provide a route for you but you can specify whether you would like the most direct highway drive or you could choose a laid back scenic route. They will also advise you of rest stops, restaurants and lodging facilities and all that they ask of you is your e-mail address.

If you are a member of Triple A, or American Association Of Retired Persons, you can take advantage of the services that come with your membership. Some of these services are custom designed maps for your trip, lodging and attraction discounts at various locations, and membership sites to stop at for service. Remember to bring your membership cards with you.

You can call or visit the internet sites of the Department of Tourism for each state you will be driving through to see what they have to offer. Plan accordingly to allow for sight seeing and visiting various points of interest. Figure this into your daily travel time and distance.

If you are camping along the way be sure to make reservations well in advance so that you will be guaranteed a place to set up camp.

Make sure that your vehicle is ready for the trip. Have it serviced by a shop or technician that you trust. Tell whoever is servicing your vehicle that you are going on a trip sometime soon and you want your vehicle to be adequately prepared for the drive. Make sure that the tires have been properly inflated including your spare tire that often gets overlooked. Check your emergency car care kit to see if you have everything you need. If you do not have one, see my article, Emergency Care Kit for Your Vehicle, to learn what you should carry with you at a minimum.

Take a cooler packed with water and some nutritious snacks to enjoy along the way. Keep junk food at a minimum.

Fill the fuel tank and set your trip odometer if you have one. Drive in shifts of 1 to 4 hours depending on your ability. Get out from time to time to stretch your muscles and get your blood flowing a little faster. Try to limit your daily driving to ten total hours or not more than 600 miles per day. I hope you have a great trip.

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